It’s Spring Equinox!

It’s Spring Equinox!

Spring blew in to the Pacific Northwest this month. Snow, grapple, rain and snow showers have greeted us every day for over a week. Some places are finally receiving a glorious soaking of blessed moisture.

Spring is an opportunity for us to rebalance and re-calibrate our lives for the year. It is a powerful time of renewal and emergence. As bears begin to come out of hibernation, so do we humans.

What is seeking to emerge in you right now?

Birds are building their nests. Tulips and crocus are popping through the soil, seeking the gentle spring sun. Plum trees and cherry trees are in full, riotous blossoming.

The Spring Equinox is a just a few days away. Night and Day will be in perfect balance next week. Light and Dark will grasp hands and dance together once again all around our extraordinary planet earth in the northern hemisphere.

What is seeking emergence in you now?

There is an extraordinary power in this sun-earth alignment that can be tapped into. Our ancestors knew this. They gathered together and built bonfires, told creation stories, and journeyed to their helping spirits for guidance on how to best live their lives during this time of emergence.

They created calendars in the Southwest and in the British Isles that marked exactly when the equinox sun had arrived. The dagger of the sun pierced a spiral that was carved into the rock. Spring Equinox!

Spring is an unstoppable force as our planet tilts back towards the sun, God of Life. Our ancestors got themselves into alignment with this equinox power. And so can we.

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