3 Easy Keys to Letting Go as Part of your Spiritual Path

3 Easy Keys to Letting Go as Part of your Spiritual Path

It’s no accident that you and I are meeting here today. There’s something awesome happening with you right now – it’s this thing called LIFE!

Your life is seeking to express itself ever more fully right now.

Here you are on your awesome spiritual path, and you are searching….

I have spoken with other spiritual seekers, and you might resonate with one of their questions.

Maybe you are wondering – how do I reach my dreams? How can I stay connected to my spirits and move forward without all the distraction?  How can I fulfill my purpose?

How can I build confidence in following my true self so I’m not drifting through life?  How do I shape my identity as a healer?  What can I do to move through my fears so that I am able to move out of being stuck and unhappy? 

You may feel that something is missing and needs to be added to your spiritual practice.

But what if it’s really about what must be let go… released? And this could be what is blocking the flow for you.

There are moments on your spiritual path when it’s time for a kind of life review – an inventory – looking at what no longer serves you.

This may be a time to consider what is happening in your life that no longer has meaning for you and to use ritual shamanic tools to let it go. Maybe it’s time to shed an old skin.

Sometimes we operate unconsciously from limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from our greater purpose in life or from feeling fulfillment on our spiritual path.

One of the great shaman’s secrets is the power and necessity of letting go.

I want to share with you 3 easy keys that will guide you in your letting go process. These keys have empowered my clients and myself into major breakthroughs over the past 30 years.

1. What would I love to be cleared out in my environment?

I invite you to think about your home, your car or your office now.

I love what author Gail Blanke says about clutter-  “When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear out our minds. When we throw out the mental clutter, we clear out our souls.”

For years I lived with a garage full of boxes of stuff – morning pages, old student graded papers, photographs I’d never looked at in 20 years, family stuff my mother couldn’t bear to throw out… You know what I mean, I’m sure.

Finally, I was moving from Ashland, Oregon, back home to the Monterey Bay, and I decided it was Time.  Time to shred, recycle and trash all of that stuff. I even gave my washer and dryer away.

This created an enormous vacuum in my life. It told the universe – hey! I have space now for the new to come into my life.

What poured in was inspiration and the content for 4 new shamanic courses which I have been successfully offering on Zoom for this last year and a half.

So, my friend, when you think about your environment, what would you love to clear out, circulate, shred, recycle?

I invite you to choose one drawer, one shelf in a closet or in the kitchen. One corner of your desk, the garage or attic. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You just want to make progress.

Creating this micromovement starts to shift the stuck energy and gets it moving

You’ll tell the universe, hey, I’ve got space now for what I really want in my life – more prosperity, greater spiritual connection, more love, better health.

2. What would I love to be cleared out of my mind?

We all carry old thoughts about ourselves that we’d love to let go of. The most common one is a version of I’m not good enough… smart enough… educated enough.

Many of us also hold onto old hurtful conversations we’ve had with someone in our lives.  These take up a lot of the memory bank space in our spirits and hearts.

I’m thinking of one of my recent clients, Lesley, who did an online Vision Quest with me. With my shamanic coaching help, she identified 2 conversations with her difficult boss – from 4 years ago – that she kept running the endless loop tape on. What Lesley said, what her boss said, what she wished she had said but never did before she left that job in total frustration.

Lesley felt completely stuck in her spiritual growth here – in her past – 4 years ago.  I invited Lesley to write a letter to her boss and this time to tell her everything. To really let it rip on paper… not in any mean or hurtful way… but to just name the truth of the situation. Then to burn the letter and watch the smoke, filled with the truth, rise and disperse.

She did the ceremony of emptying her mind and got free of the old conversations and the pain connected with them.  Within 2 months Lesley had started her own nonprofit business and now is wildly successful being her own boss.

I invite you to consider what you may want to let go of that clutters your own thoughts.

Is there an old hurtful conversation that still tumbles around in your head, and when you remember it, you feel the pain and the constriction of it?  Would you love to release that?

I invite you to call your helping spirits in to be with you as you write a letter to this individual.  Say everything you want to say to them about this old conversation.  Hold nothing back.  Say what is true for you.

Find a place to make a safe, small fire and burn the letter.  Let it go.  Watch the smoke of truth rise into the sky. 

3. What would I love to clear out in my habits?

We all have learned unconscious habits that can interrupt the flow of ease, creativity, and well-being in our lives.

I wonder if you experience this in your own life?  Ever find yourself at the mercy of a habit that you don’t like, that doesn’t serve you? I’ve had that experience.

Until recently I wrestled with a very old, stressful habit of never having enough time or space for writing. It didn’t matter that I’m an award-winning poet and author of 3 books, and I love to write.  Or that I’ve been a college professor of writing for over 20 years.

I always brought a “struggle mentality” with me to each writing project. I couldn’t see this – it was a blind spot for me- but finally 2 of my mentors pointed this out to me.  I immediately saw what they saw and was shocked and then in the same moment, I was relieved because I knew I could change this “habit.”

It can be helpful to remember that you have an infinite power inside of you that knows how to heal and that at your invitation, is healing you right now.

First, I launched a Vision Arrow and then I did a journey to my Teacher in the Upper World and asked her to cure this old habit.  Since then, I’ve been at ease with writing projects and find plenty of time for each one.

Using the tools of the Vision Quest,  I was empowered to let go of this old “struggle to write habit “ and replace it with,  “Writing is easy for me.  I always have plenty of time to write.”

So what about you, my friend? What habit is not serving you that you would love to let go of?

Go ahead and write it down now.  Naming it is the first easy step in the clearing process.

There are several powerful shamanic tools for releasing habits that I teach in my Vision Quest program, such as Creating a Talisman.

It’s great that you have these 3 Keys in your medicine bundle now!

Of course, there are many more aspects of the letting go process and how to overcome the limiting stories we tell ourselves about living our soul’s greater purpose.

If you’d like to talk about this and see how to move forward, please book a Vision Breakthrough Session with me where we’ll explore the 3 things that are holding you back from Life Purpose and the #1 thing you need to do to move forward. Hey, as a subscriber to my blog, I want to offer this 40-minute session to you free of charge. I have a limited number of these available so please

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