3 Reasons People Struggle to Feel a Sense of Purpose

3 Reasons People Struggle to Feel a Sense of Purpose

Remember those big tables in high school with university recruiters and guidance counselors telling you about different professions you could choose to go into after graduation?

Teaching, Nursing, the Law, Architecture, Air Force, Landscaping, Police, Fire, Bookkeeper, Geologist, Doctor.

Which table did you go to?

Or were you like me and you didn’t know exactly what you were looking for, or you didn’t find the career table that made your heart sing? I had a sense of greater purpose that I was being guided by- a feeling inside of something calling to me-   although I did not know what that was.

I would have stopped at a table that said Healing Arts or Shamanic Practitioner or Poet even.  That table would have had crystals on it and rattles and sweetgrass and a drum!

In my many years of helping people discover what they are being called to…. their soul’s purpose…or greater meaning…. I’ve seen 3 common reasons people struggle to feel a sense of purpose in life.

1. Asking Other People What Your Purpose Is

I hear people say things like, “I don’t know what my purpose is in life. I’ve asked my friends and my father.  I asked a coworker – they all tell me different things… that I am really good at this or that, and I should just pursue this or that.  But none of these things light me up.”

They often go on to say – “there is something I love doing… healing work…or painting…or writing… – but if I go for that, what will people think of me?”

I see people get stuck with leaning into their purpose right here.  It’s a Catch 22. 

Of course, we care deeply what others think of our actions.  And while on very rare occasions someone can see into what our greater purpose is, only you can see into your own soul. 

I’m thinking of two of my clients who have the gift of healing and how they’ve pursued other careers as a bookkeeper and a psychologist.  When I ask them the question “what gives you life?” they both say, “healing others.”

Both were led into their current careers by well – meaning friends and family members.  But now they feel like, “hey, I could have been investing all these years in what I’d really love to be doing.” 

It doesn’t have to be this way!

“In my Vision Quest groups, I share tips to help you discover and align with your soul’s greater purpose.”

2. Fear of Being Consumed by Your Passion

Some people tell me, I know exactly what my greater purpose is – but I have a mortgage to pay and a family to support.  I’m afraid if I let myself start to dabble in that, I’ll get consumed by my passion and my life will fall apart and the bills won’t get paid.

This is fear of the flood gates opening and being swept away by the force of the long-denied purpose. 

It is fear of your own power.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In my Vision Quest groups, I teach people how to build their power and come into right relationship with it.  The Vision Arrow ceremony is especially helpful to connect with the power and beauty of your soul’s purpose and to be able to get an alignment with it.

You can learn to lead with your soul’s purpose rather than having the fear of it lead you.

3. The Imposter’s Syndrome

I hear people say things like, “I’d love to start my own podcast or my own YouTube channel and inspire people to step into their greatness… But really, who would listen to me?  I’m not good enough to do that!  I don’t have what it takes.   I’m not Wayne Dyer or Oprah Winfrey.”

It doesn’t have to be this way!

In the Vision Quest process, we uncover limiting voices just like this one.

We learn how to unhook from these old limiting beliefs and install a kind of new “operating system” or software upgrade inside.

With the visionary tools of the shaman, you can shift and transform these limited beliefs and step into the deeper truths of who you truly are.

If you’d like to discover how to be more in touch with the spiritual gifts inside you, then please join me in my upcoming LIVE, free MasterClass.

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You’ll discover all about how to hear the call to your greater purpose and about making an impact on the planet at this time.

Here is what one of the participants had to say, after she completed a Vision Quest  course with me. 

“Working with Beth was a game changer! She inspired me to generate far-reaching positive changes in my life, the lives of my loved ones, and in the world around me. She taught me to manifest my heart’s vision into reality. I learned potent healing tools and experienced life-changing ceremonies.  Beth sees with her heart.  She is a true master on this path of direct revelation!”

Sheri Scott, Shamanic Healer, California

PLUS… you’ll have time in a Live Q & A to ask Beth ANYTHING you like about soul purpose and life direction, and how you can get started with confidence and clarity…

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