3 Easy Keys to Ignite Your Spiritual Path

3 Easy Keys to Ignite Your Spiritual Path

Ever feel like you’re going through life on autopilot, disconnected from a real source of power?

Maybe you’ve had a spiritual practice and have fallen out of it.  Or perhaps you’re searching to find your path, your unique relationship to Source?

I want to congratulate you for getting yourself here to this blog.

Whether you’re just awakening to your spiritual path or seeking to reconnect to it, you may have felt the discomfort of being disconnected from Source. Or perhaps you felt the isolation and aloneness of being disconnected.

If so, you’re not alone in these feelings.


In the 1960’s and ‘70’s hundreds of young Americans (“hippies”) were on a similar search, looking for God, for Spirit.  They heard about a Mazatec Shaman in Mexico who was a renowned healer – Maria Sabina.  They went on pilgrimages to sit in her tiny house at night on the dirt floor and listen to her chanting veladas.  They received healings and were reconnected to God. 

Maria called the spirits the Principal Ones – Mother Guadalupe, Mother Magdalene, Holy Father, Lord Chicon Tocosho, Lord Santiago. 

In the current crisis and uncertainty we now find ourselves in, people are again seeking reassurance and reconnection with Source, with Spirit.

The good news is you don’t have to go to Mexico and find a shaman in order to find God.

Here are 3 powerful keys to ignite your spiritual path.  Just a little movement, even a small change, can spark a fire in you and awaken your longing for greater connection.

#1 Connecting with Spirit is Your Birthright

I’ve had the honor of teaching shamanism in Europe and the Pacific Northwest for over 25 years. I hear students say things like –

“I am called to be a healer, but I wasn’t raised in an indigenous tribe, so I feel unworthy to learn shamanic healing.”


“I feel a huge call to get connected to Source – how do I know I can trust my call?”


“I wasn’t raised with shamans and medicine women and yeah, I am drawn to discover who my helping spirits are – but get real! Who do I think I am, really?”

Here is a secret key for you if you’ve been longing to connect with spirit but doubting your worthiness to do so.

You have both blood and spiritual ancestors who practiced shamanism.

When you go back in time on your mother’s side and your father’s side, you’ll find your ancestors performing healing ceremonies, drumming, and rattling for the well-being of the whole community.

Connecting with Spirit is part of your birthright, part of your ancestry. You are worthy. This 60,000-year-old tradition belongs to you.

#2 Take a bold step and start getting connected.

Knowing that you can get connected, that it is your birthright, may inspire you to want to take a step forward.

I suggest you go find a tree that you like – perhaps a redwood, cedar, or maple. Go somewhere that you can be relatively private with it.

Put your hands on the trunk of it and silently talk with it. Just let it know how much you want to be on your spiritual path, how much you long to connect with Source and why. It could be you want more peace in your life, or you have a calling to help others.

In my work with shamans for the last 40 years, some of them say that everything they know, they learned from trees.

Trees are the standing beings, the old wise ones.

They have seen and withstood so much of what has happened on earth with humans. The Bristlecone Pines up in the Inyo White Mountains where I vision quested are some of the oldest beings on earth.

In shamanism we understand that everything is alive, everything is interconnected.

Go to a tree, tell it your story, your longings. It will hear you.  Then listen.

#3 Build an Altar or Shrine

You may remember the magic, the colors, the aromas, the sights, and majesty of a church altar you saw as a kid.

Whether it was your religion or not, there is an undeniable power to the lights, the stained glass, the statues, the candles. 

Altars are celebrations of Spirit.  They create a center to honor and connect with Spirit, whether simple or elaborate.

You don’t have to be a monk or a shaman to create (or re-create) your own altar or shine.

Just feel that longing inside to connect with Source, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence.

An altar is a place where your spirit can connect with the larger Spirit and honor it.

When my mother died in 2006, I lost my connection with just about everything. I couldn’t teach or eat or write or hold a coherent conversation. I felt completely uprooted and lost in grief.

What helped me return to my life was creating an outdoor altar in view of Mount Shasta. I put some simple things on it including a crystal, a rock from the mountain and an iris from my garden. I sat there daily and talked with Spirit and slowly found my way back to my life.

You can create a simple altar or shrine – inside or outside- with a single candle or a statue of a deity you feel a connection with – such as Buddha or Kuan Yin or the Great Mother.

You can light a candle, a stick of sandalwood incense or some sage here.

Sit here with the quiet of your heart and simply breathe.   You may wish to do some drumming or rattling.

You can talk to Spirit. Whatever you are moved to do.  Allow the balm of this time to soothe and support you.

I hope these 3 Keys are helpful guides to connect you with your spiritual path.

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